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Powder Coated Railing Colors

Please Note: Powder coating colors may vary due to computer screens.  If you are unsure of your selection, please request a sample.  Colors may not be true.

Exterior Railing Colors  
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These colors are optimized for products that must weather an exterior environment. Such features include: good weather resistance, good mechanical properties, very smooth flow, and good coverage. Including some of Series 38 with improved UV protection.

Interior Railing Colors  
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These colors are made of Polyester-Epoxy blends, and mix a variety of textures and colors for your interior environments.

Rough Texture Matte & Smooth Matte, Fine Texture & Rough Texture Glossy, Smooth Semi Gloss, Epoxy, FDA-Compliant Smooth Glossy, Electrostatic Dissipative

Essentials, Popular Railing Colors
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This grouping of colors combines some of our most popular colors for various applications.

Metallic Railing Colors  
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These metallic colors work great for all metal applications.

Silver, Iron Glimmer, Pearlescent, Glitter, Holographic, Antique/ Vein, Metallic

Super Durable, Weather Resistant  
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The Series 38 colors is the ultimate in weather resistance, preventing UV rays from fading your powder coating over extended periods of time. It also features greater chalking resistance, smooth flow, and great mechanical properties.

Architectural Matte, Satin and Semi Gloss, Glossy, Metallic, Bureau of Land Management Standard Environmental Colors